"DTP community has been a blessing for me. I was trading for a year before i came here, made a lot of money but kept losing it because i didn't understand risk management. Chatting with other experienced full-time traders here and watching Matt trade has taught me a lot in a very short space of time. The DTP algo is the icing on the cake. It has been the missing piece in the puzzle for me. I had always been good at scalping but having the algo has made me more confident and profitable in my trades. It is gold and a must in every traders arsenal!" Getafix

"Just 10 days after making my very 1st stock purchase with the knowledge I have learned on DTP I have a big winner. I just closed out my 1st trade for a $1.34 per share profit. The knowledge I have gained from DTP has me buying at support lines with a stop just below it when everyone else is afraid the stock is crashing. So far I am in 4 other winning positions with confidence as long as the support is not breached. As I said in my 1st testimonial knowledge is the most important skill you can have in life. I plan on making stock trading a very successful venture for myself with the tools I get from DTP. Thanks DTP for all you do for people like me who want better for there families and the freedom that comes with this new skill set" Luke S.

"I love being part of the DTP community! I am an experienced trader, and its pleasure and a profit to collaborate with other skilled traders here. DTP Community members have expertise in many skills related to trading and I have made many friends and allies whose skills have synergies with my own skillset. Thanks DTP!" Val

"DTP has opened me up to a new world of trading. This channel brings minds together in which experienced traders can both teach and learn something new everyday from participants in the group. It is a modern trading "Think Tank" in which people from all over the world can experience with the click of button" Jakewu92

"Found DTP_Matt on reddit where he invited me to join the group. Upon arrival I found an awesome array of traders who provided insightful analysis and trading advise! DTP is a site that stresses risk management and high profitability techniques. Any easy recommendation for new traders looking to learn the ropes or experienced traders looking to find a friendly and inclusive community!" bofonic

"DayTraderParadise has been a great community for trading.  The morning starts with an overview and key levels to look for on oil and the S&P, which are the real expertise of this group.  The environment is such that new members are openly welcomed and encouraged to contribute and improve their trading.  I’ve seen continued addition of professional traders willing to add their unique strengths and perspectives.  The best part is that the group is helpful, entertaining, and has been personally invested in my growth as a trader" Vinnyp

"Utilizing DTP has been the best decision I've made since I started trading. The one on one coaching and mentor-ship from traders in the group is like no other. They genuinely want to teach you to learn and understand Technical Analysis and then help you come up with a trading strategy that fits your style. Everyone trades different stocks, bonds, ETF's, futures and even forex. DTP helped me find my winning strategy!"


"I Love DTP because it's a great place to hang with other traders. It's a diverse and skilled group that share spot-on chart and market analysis. Whether you trade stocks, ETF's, futures, or options, there are experts here in each. Plus the upcoming site offerings are off-the-chain. I have never seen anything this good. I certainly feel lucky to have found and proud to call DayTraderParadise my home!" moneybagz_mcgee

"Easygoing and supportive trading community with an edge for trading oil gold and index futures... the DTP staff's ready to go analysis is great for busy people like myself who want an instant and clear picture of the market on my lunch break. 10/10" professorprofit

"I'm a new trader who's trying to figure out trading. I've obviously lost some money like I imagine most people have. Very painful. I came across DTP paradise on stocktwits.com and started following them and watching their videos getting insights on the market, trades, levels of resistance and support. And for being a new trader it really gave me a better understanding and game plan on what to do going into the next trading day. Then I joined the chat room. At first just reading what everyone saying and later contacting some of the dtp members on a particular trade I was upside down in. I really can't overstate how available and nice everyone is. I got great advise, support not only from the DTP owners but the traders in the chat room as well. I can't stress how important I think it is especially being newer to trading to have this kind of support, education and friends to help you along the way. It got me through some sleepless nights , help me become a better trader and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I know there are a million bs sites out there promising the world but this isn't it. The DTP traders are REALLY GENUINE people who care and are trying to give back. I signed up for there website already feeling like I've got my moneys worth just via the chat room and I really look forward to momentum indicator particularly which I believe will be a game changer. Take my word for it. These guys are amazing, they know what they're doing and on top of that I really get the sense that they care." David M.

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